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How the Dukes Stole Christmas

A Christmas Romance Anthology

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From the ballrooms of London, to abandoned Scottish castles, to the snowy streets of Gilded Age New York, four bestselling authors whip up unforgettable Christmas romance.

Originally released Christmas 2018
Coming in paperback September 24, 2019


Meet Me in Mayfair by Tessa Dare

Louisa Ward needs a Christmas miracle. Unless she catches a wealthy husband at the ball, the Duke of Thorndale will evict her family from their home. When Louisa finds herself waltzing with the heartless Thorndale, she’s unnerved by his handsome looks—and surprising charm.

The Duke of Christmas Present by Sarah MacLean

Rich and ruthless, Eben, Duke of Allryd doesn’t care for the holidays. But when Lady Jacqueline Mosby returns to town after a long absence, Eben falls under the spell of Christmas—and the woman he never stopped loving.

Heiress Alone by Sophie Jordan

When Annis Bannister finds herself stranded in the Highlands during a Christmas snowstorm, she must fend off brigands terrorizing the countryside. Her only hope falls on her neighbor, a surly hermit duke who unravels her with a kiss.

Christmas in Central Park by Joanna Shupe

Mrs. Rose Walker pens a popular advice/recipe column. No one knows Rose can’t even boil water. When her boss, Duke Havemeyer, insists she host a Christmas party, Rose must find a husband, an empty mansion, and a cook. But Rose fears her plan is failing—especially when Duke’s attentions make her want to step under the mistletoe with him.


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Christmas in Central Park


She was having a hard time remembering why kissing him was a terrible idea.

Inhaling, she tried to shake her head despite his gentle grip. “I am not one of those women.…”

He swept an errant strand of hair behind her ear. “I know—and that is not why I am here. This is not some sort of a game or passing fancy to me. Quite the opposite. You are remarkable, Rose. Unlike any woman I’ve ever met.” He gave a dry chuckle. “In fact, if this were a century or two ago, I might challenge your husband for you.”

Her chest tightened but she strove to keep the mood light. “Pistols at dawn?”

“Always been partial to swords myself,” he said with a grin then sobered. “I know you work for me, but I vow on the future of HPC that I will treat you fairly, no matter how long this lasts between us.”

“An affair,” she said, just to be clear. “You wish to have an affair. With me.”

“Yes, I do. I want to take you to my bed and pleasure you until we both pass out. Is that direct enough?”

Good lord, I should say so. If he were any more direct she’d likely swoon.


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